The new Ubuntu isn’t doing all so well with media playback at all.

First of all all programs that are supposed to be able to handle my iPod can’t write the media database anymore (they had no problem syncing it before, but then after an ugly crash i had to factory reset it, and since then, nothing). They add/delete the files alright, but they’re unable to do anything with the database, resulting totally useless gigabytes of data on the player.

I have no idea what causes it. It’s not a permission problem, because they can add/delete files and the iPod is mounted with the same settings as other vfat drives. I’d say it must be some database version problem, but I have no idea how could i fix that.

But if that wasn’t enough, Rhythmbox now refuses to edit the tags of any music in the library too, meaning if i want to fix a typo or change the genre of a song, i need to launch for example EasyTAG to do it (other programs can edit the tags without problem). Banshee at least can do that, but hell, I’m used to Rhythmbox.

I could live with the tagging misery though, but not being able to sync my iPod is a real nuisance, because I have to reboot to Windows and do it in iTunes whenever I want to add a new song or change anything.