The other day I decided to give it a try and make myself a catgirl in the world of Tera. I googled the website and got redirected to the american one. There the problems started. I tried logging in, but it wouldn’t let me.

I thought I must’ve mistyped my password during the registration (no chance), but even after resetting it it took many tries until I could managed to log in. Then I downloaded the client, and I could almost see the figure of my catgirl, but alas, even after installing, it wouldn’t let me log in.

Google suggested that it might take some time until the registration propagates to the game servers, so i made lunch and tried again an hour later – still no luck. That point I got really annoyed and uninstalled. But I realized that it might be region-locked, so i tried looking for a japanese website.

However, it kept redirecting me to the american one. When I finally got a hold of the japanese one, it displayed an error saying the game is region locked, so I’m not allowed to download (even though I’m in Japan).

That was the point where i thought, “if they want to prevent me from playing so badly, let them have it their way”. Haven’t tried ever since.