In the past week I think I watched more anime than otherwise in a whole year. I finished Strike Witches, i watched Railgun, Code Geass (both seasons) and Steins;Gate.

As a result, my biorhythm is an ugly mess. I’m actually making some “effort” to sleep at more healthy times for more healthy intervals, but of course that’s easier said than done. Especially when thursday nights i’m translating three shows – it was originally two, but for a few weeks now the translator for Sasami has been busy with school (i think), leaving me in charge of the show.

Not that i mind, i really like it, but this experience proves that it’s pretty much physically impossible to do three late-night shows before morning. Unless the show is extremely simple or extremely difficult, 2 hours is my standard speed for an episode.

Actually it might be the same for difficult shows too, it just feels like 12 hours of strained mental work (in the case of Joshiraku, for example, it actually took that long on a few occasions). On that note: i can’t wait for Railgun 2.