The past few weeks i’ve had a few chances to look at code. Snippets showing the newest cutting edge features of PHP. A fun online JavaScript console one of my twitter friends made. A multifunctional IRC bot written in Python. Some fun pieces of Ruby code. My own archives from the Java class I took last semester.

Every time, the coder i was back before i came to Japan wakes up in me, and for a few hours i try to immerse myself in it again. And sadly it always ends the same: i simply don’t know what to do. Or maybe I’m just not motivated enough. I’d really want to write a really neat blog engine in PHP (or whatever), but considering how I’m hardly even blogging anymore, this idea’s lost most of its charm. Writing an IRC bot would be fun too and lots of help when it comes to automating releases, but considering how—

Bugger, obviously I’m just lazy. Someone please give me a body that doesn’t need sleep.