The people in #troll-base are probably getting bored of my constant complains about bronze by now. “If you can’t carry yourself out, then you don’t deserve to get out,” is my personal philosophy regarding the bottommost of tiers (and probably all the others as well). That’s a pure question of skill, however.

I think the League system just hates me.

While every now and then I go on winning streaks and devastate in a series of 10-15 games even, without losing a single one, and while this in itself is weird, the other extreme is much more upsetting. When for 8-10 games i keep losing, and i’m not the weak link. When for a bunch of games in a row i get people much lower in rank than me (there is a huge difference between bronze 5 and 2, as laughable as that may sound to plat tier people) against a team that consists of people way higher than me (mid-silver). Even if i personally have a positive score, carrying 3-4 horrible players against a team that would be a challenge to defeat even with just one feeder on team is just not possible – not for me (and even for smurfers it can be challenging).