I really don’t care if I lose. Well, maybe I do. Definitely not so much if it’s a good game. Define good game? Well matched, 5v5. Both teams have roughly the same kills and the difference in gold earned isn’t over 3 thousand.

But playing just fine in lane, may I risk, even winning, and then suddenly a whole team of 10/0s show up and destroy me, demolishing me along with the little left of my pride after playing in bronze for so long, now that’s not fun.

Then comes the part when I rage at my team. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll never scold someone for losing lane, or lash out at an ADC for dying in an unlucky skirmish. Shit happens. But when you manage to produce 10 deaths while taking a mere 24 of minions in a solo lane, all of this in the first 15 minutes of the game, then – pray excuse me – I won’t be so forgiving.

Unless your lane opponent is some smurf (because that shit happens), you should just go back to playing bots instead of ranked. Don’t even bother in normals, you’d just inconvenience others. When for 4 games in a row I’m teamed with people who I wouldn’t trust with operating a toaster, let alone playing an online game with other people, and despite of being drunk out of my mind I have the best CS and KDA (and from 2/5 being the best KDA, please draw your own conclusions), least damage taken and most dealt on team, then I truly, truly want to just switch over to Tetris instead.