There are a bunch of things I’ve come to realize today.

First, that I’ll need to have three meals a day for at least this first month with the trainings if I want to keep up with this lifestyle without breaking my body (especially my stomach). How I could achieve this is the matter of consideration at this point.

Second, that the generalized way fans tend to analyze anime sales numbers is waay off. It’s funny to see people get their hopes up seeing the numbers of a show when actually it was a huge flop.

Third, that the image of fansubbers isn’t seen all so black-and-white from within the industry either, and there are plenty of people (of a wide range of ages and job positions) who have similar views on intellectual property and piracy as I. It’s reassuring to see that (the basic idea behind) my graduation thesis wasn’t as wrong as I feared it could be.

Fourth, that it’s way too easy to spend lots of money on Amazon. I’ll have to be more careful with expenditures or I’ll end up not eating at all for the last week of the month (let alone three meals a day). All hail credit cards and so on.