After a week and a half of struggling, today I finished the spring event of Kancolle. This was the second event I completed after the Christmas Arpeggio collaboration, as I gave up on E3 during Iron Bottom Sound.

While Arpeggio was annoying with its stupidly powerful ships (especially in PVP), their beam weapons and screaming, it was relatively easy. I did expect Midway to be quite of a challenge, but I was a bit surprised when the second map’s night battle node already gave me hell (and apparently it’s not just me). However, I didn’t spare my resources (and buckets), and today, after almost a whole week of trying to beat E5, I managed to get that final sliver of HP off the boss and got to welcome Sakawa to the fleet.

But I’m afraid it’s not entirely over for me just yet. Even though I cleared all 5 maps and got the rewards they had set, I couldn’t find two drops I really wanted to encounter, Tanikaze and Uzuki. I rotated E4 around 25 times (that’s 25 boss wins) for them, without any luck, and the other maps denied them from me too. While Uzuki drops from 2-2 until the end of the event (and the relatively easy 5-4 without time limit), so far Tanikaze seems to be event-only, which means I’ll have to keep rotating one of the maps for her. E4 sounds like the best plan as it’s cheap with 4 destroyers on the fleet, but on the other hand it’s quite demanding when it comes to repair teams (and after 25 tries I don’t have many left).  I’ll have to figure something out…

PS. It turns out it wasn’t even Midway. Whatever.