I finally could go shopping for food and coffee, but since I lack physical exercise recently (happens when you work 10-12 hours a day) I decided to go grab my coffee by bicycle. That wouldn’t be an issue in itself, as it’s neither far away nor would I care even if it was, but along the way I saw something I wish I hadn’t.

I was cycling on the road when suddenly I noticed something on the sidewalk. Oh look, a ca– shitfuckshitfuck! Well, the cat was dead, staring at me with huge, blank black eyes. It was spread out on the pavement in an unnatural, stiff position and the wall above it was splattered with blood. I seriously felt sick for a few minutes after passing it.

Which brings me to the other bad thing today, actually being sick. I’m not sure what caused it, but my top candidate is the fried liver I had yesterday when I went out for lunch with one of my colleagues. It tasted kinda funny at the time, but I’m used to stuff tasting in ways that I’ve never experienced before, so there was nothing extraordinary about that. In retrospect, it was either prepared in a wrong way, or was just outright spoiled. Anyway, it resulted in a quite intense diarrhea for me early this afternoon. At least it didn’t have lasting effects.

Even worse, all the Kentish ale are running out at the local supermarket and they won’t get more stock. I’m about to panic.