I don’t know what was (is) up with KC this week. It might be just that I used all my luck in the game, especially considering stuff that happened at work.

The point is, anyway, that in this one week I got three ships I’ve been trying to find for (literally) months now: Uzuki, Urakaze and Bismarck. Not to mention that last week I got to welcome Yamato and Taigei.

With these additions there are only two botes left who I’m yet to encounter: the fall event’s mighty final reward Musashi, and the evasive destroyer from the spring event (at least I cleared all event maps and rotated E4 about 25 times for her), Tanikaze.

Also this week (to be more exact, yesterday) was the first time any of my resources hit 6 digits: my fuel reserves are above the 100 thousand line. The rest are way behind with 80k in steel, 40k in ammo and a mere 18k in bauxite. Although now that I don’t have a reason to rotate 2-5 all the time, resources are bound to accumulate much faster too.