The past few days I’ve tweaked little this and that in the Entropy theme to make it more personal. After all, this is my blog and even if I couldn’t come up with a theme for myself, I should at least customize the one I got.

I changed the most in the header, because the full-color image (which also had a motion fault in it as I was forced to realize) I set at first just didn’t fit in with the minimalist grayscale style of the theme. I also changed the fonts, with a more Art Deco font for the headers, and a text serif that supports all the accents that occur in Hungarian (which is quite a few) for the post bodies. I tried to find better Japanese fonts too, to no avail.

On the other hand, I also dug into my old projects folder that has dozens of old blog design concepts that piled up over the years. I abandoned most of them for the simple reason that I realized I didn’t like them after all, while some others were shelfed because my enthusiasm faded out while I was working on the engine behind the skin.

However, there was one I made not so long ago (a few years back) that I thought I could turn into a nice WP skin without too much effort. I boosted it with the most recent features HTML5 and CSS3 offer and adjusted it to my current standards, but then (mostly due to looking at lots of Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs as a side effect of searching for good typefaces) I wasn’t so sure anymore.

I mean, I still like the design and I still think that I could turn it into a skin in a few hours, but I’m not so sure anymore if the skin is mine. Sure it’s mine in the sense that I made it from scratch, inspired by a color combination I saw on a messenger bag when shopping, and I still like those colors a lot, but I don’t know if it reflects me. It’s a color scheme I like, but is it something that represents me in any way?

I need to think more about it to answer that. What aspects of me should it reflect and how? Does Stripey achieve that? Wait, who am I again exactly?