For having fun on a night out it’s often more important who’s absent than who’s present. There are people I can chat about anything (pretty literally) for hours, while there are others who manage to derail any conversation in 20 seconds with such fury that I end up being bored out of my mind in a minute and then spend the rest of the night trying to find a way to escape.

The worst is when they keep sticking to certain topics despite everyone present has already expressed that they’ve got no idea about it nor do they care, and yet they keep rotating it endlessly in a pointless, retarded loop. Why would you keep bringing up the same idea over and over again when it’s failed the past n+1 times already?

It’s again a different story when I don’t mind getting wasted and just keep sending down beers one after another until I’m drunk enough to outbalance (or at least keep up with) the others. On the other hand, (apparently) unlike many people around me, I’m sadly aware what that leads to, and I’ll just sadly note that it turned out to be another evening wasted and (be able to) wake up early next morning to recover the time lost.