My Japanese vocabulary is painfully lacking when it comes to vulgarities. It’s true that in everyday life, Japanese swear very little, and even most of what would be considered swearing if translated to English is considered just barely worse than normal.

Which means that it takes either living in a very vulgar environment (which isn’t easy as long as you’re not submerged in the world of thugs and gangsters) or consuming entertainment or literature featuring the extensive use of such language.

Since I’m not tattooed (yet) nor am I a fan of violence, I’d rather stick to the latter choice. Which means that pretty much all of my vulgar vocab comes from either the Outrage movie or the Azazel and Hen Zemi manga/anime.

There’s one certain scene in Azazel that left a deep impression in me, featuring the summoner of Lucifer during a business meeting (can be seen in the third OVA). While there are only a few lines, I just love it how the interpreter translates swearwords as-is (as-are?), then adds a very polite indication that she’s just quoting what the man says.