After an eventful day I had my well-deserved (small) can of beer a few hours ago, and as beer usually does, it made me pee every ten minutes. I didn’t have any time to spare so I asked the internet why that happens.

As a result, I still don’t know. I’ve already known (it’s hard not to) that beer is a diuretic (eg it makes you pee a lot), on the other hand I was surprised that the same applies to alcohol in general and caffeine too. The reason for surprise is that other booze or coffee don’t have the same effect on me as beer.

Even when I was having buckets of coffee every day back in university, I never realized it was supposed to have a diuretic effect. On the contrary, actually.

The same goes for non-beer alcohol. A few weeks back we went out drinking with colleagues and I didn’t feel like having beer, so I had gin-tonic or screwdriver instead, and I was surprised that despite there wasn’t much difference in the amount of liquid I quaffed compared to when I drink beer, but while after the second beer I quite literally excuse myself for the gents’ convenience every 10 minutes, that night I only did so once (and we were out from 6pm to midnight).

Maybe beer just decided to shoulder the diuretic effects of everything else when it comes to me?