I decided to return to sports starting this week. No big deal, just jogging every morning and going to the gym to work out on the weekends.

Originally I intended to go to the gym every day too, but this was thwarted by two issues. First of all, work. Second… Oh wait, there’s no second.

The public sports center nearby that I’m using is open 9am to 10pm, and its running tracks a bit longer – especially in the morning, from 6am. The ideal work-out would be at least 40 minutes in the gym (preferably a whole hour) and then going out for a jog to relieve some muscle stress.

However, I’m starting at the studio every morning at 10, so fitting the gym in before work is basically impossible. I might be able to barely squeeze it in if I swapped jogging and the gym, but that’d kinda miss the point.

The other option would be going in the night, but honestly, after a whole day at the studio I can barely find the energy to breathe let alone to work out.

Thus it all came down to the compromise of jogging in the mornings (since that’s not a problem to fit in) and going to the gym in the weekends when I’ve got more free time in the mornings.