It’s Sunday. No, it doesn’t matter. I just needed some first words, and somehow it feels that Ginga Kogen’s pale ale is a good pick for a lazy Sunday evening.

Ginga Kogen pale ale

It pours light gold, though it’s hazy at the same time. It has a solid, dry head without any noticeable lacing.

The first impression is that of bananas. So the smell already forecasts the generally sweet tastescape of the beer. Behind the bananas there’s also a gentle, good old balanced beer aroma of malts and hops as well.

The taste is dominated by the banana feel as well, and the creamy, light body matches that well. Seen the “bitter & sweet” on the can? Well… There’s some bitterness, but it’s gentle and passes really quick as well. The same goes for sweetness: while I’d definitely call it a sweet beer, it’s nothing syrupy, but a moderate, easy-going sweetness. I think (I think!) I caught hints of some oily aftertaste too that distantly reminded me of nuts.

I was a bit worried that a pale ale that advertises how sweet it is might not be suitable for me, but it was a pleasant surprise. Not too light, but definitely not heavy, it’s a well-rounded pale ale without any extremities.