A while ago at the studio some of the folk with families were in an intense conversation about their pays and how (well) they can live in the future. Pensions were mentioned as well, and someone said “I feel sorry for foreigners who pay in pensions here”. I was a bit surprised and asked why, and he said “come on, no way you’d live here for so long.”

There is a way, just for the note, but it’s just one way. But his comment made me realize how I have no idea where will I live in five years, let alone fifteen. I’m okay with having no real long-term plans for the future, but I’m not okay with the thought that I’d have to depend on others to support me when I retire.

I’ve been thinking of ways to make it work, but for now that’s mostly limited to searching for “international pension plans” online, and reading up the basics. Sadly I couldn’t find much so far, and even those I did seem to be only available in and for certain countries (and I have no intentions whatsoever to let the Hungarian government touch any of the money I make), instead of a totally unbound private solution.

I also considered investing, or buying gold, but I’d need to look into details about how sustainable that would be in the long term. In the meanwhile, all suggestions and ideas are welcome.