When I see a bright blue can of beer with a logo design using a font that could as well be from VTKS lineup, furthermore called “punk”, I just feel this urge to give it a try.

Punk IPA

It’s pretty clear with a light gold color. The head is gone in a flash, and there’s no noticeable lacing either.

It has a clear, fresh IPA smell. That sounds too general? But that’s what it’s about. Fresh and IPA, well balanced hops and malts even at the first whiff. There are some grape overtones to it that give it the slight fruitiness I think everyone expects from IPAs.

The body is pretty light, and in combination with the medium carbonation, it’s has a refreshing mouthfeel – though there is some softness left behind in the aftertaste. Don’t expect any extreme tastes though: it’s characterized by a good balance of malts and hops. It’s not sweeter than it should be and it’s much less bitter than it could be (yes, obviously I prefer bitter). The slight pine and grape notes return to spice up the night, but they’re so slight that they just add a little originality without seriously contributing to the tastescape.

It’s a fresh IPA I can totally imagine drinking in front of a pub where some local punk band just threw a nice gig. Yup.