Of course today’s main event was the release of Haruna’s K2. The devs managed to make sure this way that everyone had her on their mind on this important day – the day the historical battlecruiser fast battleship sank.

Haruna K2

I think the large majority of players have been waiting for her second upgrade ever since her Kongo-class sisters first got theirs last year. It’s no surprise that Twitter basically exploded when the maintenance ended and people rushed to welcome her in her new form.

The similarity of her new art to Fuso’s pose has been pointed out from the beginning, and personally I’d expected something from an extreme angle like her old art. Not that the new art is a letdown, because that it definitely is not.

Her stats aren’t as overwhelming as Kirishima’s were, on the contrary. Her base equipment consists of new (and pretty lame) main artillery guns, and the two new quests from the upgrade each give another kind of artillery gun (試製35.6cm三連装砲) with nicer stats. Rizon’s resident KC specialist says that those with the AP ammo (now usable on the Kongo class) are possibly the best equipment on Kirishima – and who’d know better about WW2-inspired armaments than a German?

On the other hand, it seems that the quests both have some tough prerequisites. I’ve had everything except Myoukou’s K2 quest cleared, so I didn’t notice, but some say that marriage-related quests are needed for one and Uzuki’s quests for the other. The sortie quest is much lighter than Souryuu’s was: just clear 5-1 with Haruna as flagship. Considering the clear routing rules and relatively easy enemy comps in 5-1, it shouldn’t pose a problem to anyone who has a level 80 Haruna.

Now I’ve nothing to do until the summer event, just pile up resources (I’m not gonna burn all my materials on Musashi attempts just yet).