It’s Wednesday, and I had just the right beer for a Wednesday around: Suiyoubi no Neko (Wednesday Cat) by Yo-Ho. I’m pretty sure I’ve never before had anything “Belgian white beer style”, so I was looking forward to it.

Wednesday Cat

It has a sweet, crisp yeasty smell that reminded me of white wine. I guess that counts as fruitiness too?

It pours a clear, light sunshine-color. That and the lack of a head or any real lacing fit my vague image of a “white beer” (just based on the name).

It has a very light body, but it doesn’t just leave without any sign. There’s some lingering feel, a sticky impression. It’s also sharp fizzy, making it refreshing with the light body.

At first all I could find about the taste was the punch of the smell when taking a gulp, but then with time it started to unfold. The white wine-like, banana-like wheat and yeast taste dominates, though the flavor as a whole is quite subdued. There’s also a faint bitterness that is most noticeable much later, as an aftertaste of the aftertaste. On the other hand, it’s not as sweet as I thought it would be, so I could enjoy it too.