Last night one of the trends on Japanese Twitter caught my eye: a new series of Digimon! After a short investigation, I found the source of the uproar, a video from the Toei Youtube channel. That in turn led me to the official site of the new project.

It’s official: Digimon’s coming back! Needless to say, the way Butterfly started to play in that video and all those nostalgic scenes sent shivers down my spine. It made me remember the years I’d run Digimon Backup (though for like five years now I haven’t been involved), when even a fifth series seemed to be a vain hope after Frontier. Then came Savers and Xros Wars.

Whatever people’s opinions are about the latter series, I’m sure we can all agree that Adventure was epic. It was a defining experience for me and many of my generation (though in retrospect I had to realize I’d only ever seen the German dub of the series), and return to those roots is nothing short of fantastic news.

I’m really looking forward to it.