Ordering from Amazon usually means the package will be at my doorstep in a day or two at worst. Thing is, I’m rarely at home: on weekdays I’m at work, and on the weekends I tend to go out during the standard delivery hours.

This isn’t much of a problem, because Amazon uses the Kuroneko delivery service. If I’m not at home, they just leave a notice with the phone number of the delivery man (among other means to request a re-delivery). I just call them when I get home, we agree on a time I’ll be sure to be at home and all is sorted.

This Tuesday I ordered something from a marketplace vendor though, and they use Seino instead of Kuroneko. Seino leaves a notice too, but without the phone number, so the only way to request a delivery is mechanized (both online and on the phone). The options and extremely limited too, and they are insanely picky about what to allow and what not.

They delivered my package on Friday, and of course I wasn’t at home. The only option for re-delivery was the 6-8pm time slot, when I’d still be at work, and weekend delivery wasn’t available either. So I filled in the form with my work address and told them to bring it there.

A few hours later I got a mail from the vendor saying that though I requested a delivery at a different address, that is outside of the delivery station’s range (note: it’s about 2 minutes by car from my place), so may I please pick another time for delivery. I told them that I’m only at home before 10am on weekdays, so bring it then or on the weekend.

No word since then. Not even a notice. I just submitted another request for delivery for Monday (heh, it only takes them five days to bring a package to the other side of the city!), adding specifically that I’m only at home until 10. I sure hope they manage to comply with that, because I really can’t be late to work – not on Mondays.

As for later occasions, I’ll do my best to avoid Seino deliveries.