A Pilsner from Shimane? This sounds promising. Matsue’s brew isn’t exactly what I expected though.

Beerhearn Pilsner

It’s deep gold with a solid head that leaves behind pretty lacing. So far so good.

The smell is dominated by the hops, though it’s more about the fruity notes than the bitterness. It’s got a sharp tone to it, though there’s a sweetness too.

Its medium body is slightly heavier than usual from something as light as a Pilsner, and the carb is on the lighter end. It’s full of surprising caramel flavors, making the overall impression much sweeter than I’d have expected. The bitter side of the tastescape reminded me of dark roasted coffee – strictly regarding the bitterness, as there’s nothing coffee-like about the taste itself.

That bitterness and the fruity hops linger for the longest. It’s not a Pilsner in the sense I’m used to it, but it’s a fine lager nonetheless.