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Oumi Pilsner

Earlier this month I went back to Hikone for the alumni meetup of my university club, and there in a convenience store I found this lineup of (probably very) local craft beer. There was an ale, a stout, a weizen and a pilsner. This pilsner.

Nagahama Roman Oumi Pilsner

Mikkel’s Dream

I don’t know if this is the American Dream’s or the Danish Dream’s Japanese version or what. Photos and tags online contradict each other, so I’ve got no idea which this “Mikkel’s Dream” actually is.

Mikkel's Dream

Otaru Bakusyu Pilsner

Another beer from Hokkaido, this time their pilsner. Lager beer and thus pilsner are quite close to my heart, so I was looking forward to this one.

Otaru Bakusyu Pilsner

Ginga Kogen Pilsner

A Pilsner usually means that I get a taste I’m familiar with, since I grew up drinking pretty much only Pilsners and other mass-lagers. The brewers claim the beer is a very clear and pure Pilsner.

Ginga Kogen Pilsner

Matsue Beerhearn Pilsner

A Pilsner from Shimane? This sounds promising. Matsue’s brew isn’t exactly what I expected though.

Beerhearn Pilsner

Iwate Kinkura

This Iwate local beer called Kinkura was recommended for summer, so of course I decided to give it a try.