Been there, done that.

Comiket 86

I was a bit surprised that I actually got my Friday morning off just to go to Comiket, but that I did and so I went. I had to be there at opening to be able to get back to work on time, so I set my alarm clock to 7am (so I’d have time to go jogging, have a shower and eat breakfast). Then I woke up, went running and when I got to the course I noticed at the clock there that it’s not even 6am yet. Ran my rounds still, then came home and slept for another hour. I did make it to Comiket by opening time, but of course the crowds were immense.

Entry 86

Just as the official site says, it took about an hour for me to get in. The queue was so long and broken up into so many places all over the huge area that I had no idea whatsoever what’s going on. People were collapsing all over the place, though I don’t exactly know why. It wasn’t all that hot (it was still 10am after all), and there was a strong, refreshing wind. It was amusing when after I got home I noticed that the right (sunny side) of my neck got sunburnt. I did get what I wanted and I did get back to work on time (surprising as that is).

The second day I didn’t go.

Then today, after a lot of hesitation and going to the gym in the morning I ended up actually going. I got there short before closing, so I didn’t get a chance to see much of the cosplayers (I didn’t have time to check them out on Friday either), but I managed to find Moro and picked up a few nice CDs too.

The first day I knew what I was going for. I didn’t have the time to just walk around aimlessly and pick up whatever caught my attention. I printed a list of KanColle circles selling badges, and I rushed that route (with picking up more badges on the way that weren’t on the list from the official catalog for some reason). Today I just wanted to check out Moro’s stand, and if I’m in the music area anyway just find some nice Gumi Vocaloid music. Both was successful, so despite I didn’t intend to spend much today, I ended up clearing pretty much my entire budget for the weekend (but at least I got six quite promising CDs).

The loot 86