Akakura is the second of the Iwate Kura beer lineup that I got my hands on (the first was Kinkura). As the “red” in its name suggests, it’s a red ale.

Iwate Akakura

It has a dark amber body with a bright fudge colored, big bubbly head. It’s gone quickly though, and there isn’t much lacing either.

Akakura has a fruity nose, dominated by a banana smell I didn’t really expect. It promises sweetness. There’s also a note that reminds me of beewax candles.

It has a light, slightly creamy body, with fizzy carbonation that makes the impression even lighter. Then comes a banana taste with a roasted sweetness, balanced by a slightly stronger bitter.

The stingy carb and the caramel-banana taste linger, with the bitter staying for the longest. Quite refreshing, I guess.