The only issue with E5 is the first fork: going the center way means an immediate abort. I’m not going to risk night battles when an abort means no consumption, only fatigue. Sadly the success rate is still painfully low, under 50% for sure.

I don’t even want to consider E6. Considering all I’ve heard about it, it’s very likely that I won’t be able to complete it on time. It’s not an issue of resources – that I’d manage somehow.

It’s simply that it needs a sheer amount of sorties, which, with frequent aborts (therefore lots of fatigue) mean lots of time, something I’m kinda short on, as I can only commit to sortieing a few hours a day, and I think that won’t be enough.

Not to mention when it comes to luck in games, I tend to be on the loser end, so chances are I’d need even more sorties than the average to finish it. I’ll see soon enough: I’m scheduled to clear E5 tomorrow.