A black ale? Sounds like a plan! I was interested to see what this Brewdog beer had for me.

Brewdog Libertine Black Ale

It starts with a black body, and a creamy fudge-white big head. I was a bit surprised to see no lacing (since I expected something thick like a stout).

Then comes hop paradise in the form of an extremely fruity nose. It’s all about the ale-ish citrus notes. This was the point where I realized it might be actually a black ale, instead of a porter labelled an ale.

It’s got light body and carb. The taste is centered around the bitterness and the fruitness of the hops. It’s mostly that good old citrus ale taste, with a roasted sweetness. It’s a pleasant, refreshing mix of ale and porter characteristics.

The aftertaste is more focused on the porter aspects: the cocoa and the roasted taste, but of course the sharp bitterness from the hops stands its ground.

Brewdog’s Libertine Black Ale (a strong ale) definitely is a beer I’m gonna pick up again in the future. Especially since I managed to spill the better half of it on my keyboard, and I’d love more.