I’m done, it’s official. Just now Kitakami sunk the E6 boss BB Hime with a mighty cutin, thus finishing the event for me.

AL/MI +1

I started the event with 150k/60k/140k/50k of resources and 400 (and a few) buckets. Fuel and buckets were the big losers of the event, as I ended with 80k/60k/110k/30k and a mere 70 buckets. I had the barrel expeds (#21, #37, #38) running during AL, then I swapped to a more bauxite-oriented comp for MI (#6, #21, #37) and then complete bucket focus for E6 (#2 instead of #6).

As I had expeds running all the time, I don’t actually know how much the event cost grand total. A lot for sure. E1 alone ate over 100 buckets, though then E2-E5 together took about 120, then the credit for the rest goes to the oneshot hell that is E6.

On the other hand, I’m not willing to let the event go just yet. I haven’t got any of the event-only drops (Tanikaze, Kiyoshimo, Hayashimo), so I’ll be back in MI (probably E5) trying to find them until my resources or the event runs out. Although Tanikaze managed to evade me throughout the spring event as well, so I must admit I don’t have high hopes.