One certain song is the reason I care about Anathema at all: Pulled Under from their album A Natural Disaster. In general the band’s music isn’t something I could listen to for extended periods. It’s what I call “sad music” (for lack of a better term) – it’s great for evenings spent thinking about life, the universe and everything (and I can totally imagine it as the OST of some drama movie).

Anathema - Distant Satellites

It might be just an illusion, but Distant Satellites feels much more musical than anything I’ve heard from Anathema before. I almost wrote the music is calm, but that would be a lie. It’s definitely on the quiet end as for the sound itself, but as music it’s so full of tensions, so full of force that labeling it calm would be doing it a disgrace.

Distant Satellites is like the ocean and the listener is the cliff that the waves just keep grinding. It’s deep (both sound-wise and thematically) and powerful. It’s much better to match the pulse of the waves or they might wash you away.