I figured that XPA stands for Extra Pale Ale without even looking it up. I guessed it’d be a very strongly hopped IPA. I was right.

SanktGallen Yokohama XPA

Yokohama XPA has a slightly cloudy dark gold body. I couldn’t get it to grow a head of any significant size, there was just a bubbly film on the surface. On the other hand, said film and its ring at the glass left quite strong lacing.

It has a grainy, sweet, fruity hop nose. The focus is on the fruitiness.

Its light body is given a light-medium carbonation. It’s bitter, and by that I mean bitter, very hoppy. I couldn’t find a hint of the malts, but I guess they must be around there somewhere. Without their sweetness it’s a very dry, pale bitter ale.

Not that I mind. Atmosphere-wise it’s like tonic water to me. Bitter, dry, refreshing light drink. I like the bitterness, but it feels a bit one-sided.