I found Heaven & Earth’s 2013 album Dig by accident, but I still decided to give it a try. The band is a group of rock lovers, who’ve set the goal of bringing the ’80s rock sound to the people of the 2010s. That they sure manage to do.

Heaven & Earth - Dig

It wasn’t easy to figure out whether I liked this album or not. I’m still not exactly sure.

The music is the old-school rock from the ’70s and ’80s, and it’s quite good at it. Some of the songs are more catchy than others, but even those that aren’t gonna make you hum and thump the rhythm on the wheel are solid pieces of rock (haha).

The problem is that it hardly sounds original at all. If you know Deep Purple, Europe, Mr Big and Aerosmith, chances are there won’t be a single song on the album without that “I’ve heard this somewhere before” feel. Though the band members have the skills to pull it all off, so it actually fits in with the past works of those rock legend bands.

So while musically it’s a decent album that’s full of totally radio-able songs, I simply couldn’t not notice how it barely has any original character to it.