It’s been a while since I last had a Belgian white, and to be honest it’s not the kind of beer I would pick on a chilly, rainy autumn day, but it was the only craft beer available in the store on the way home tonight, so here we are.

Echigo Summer White

Echigo brewery’s Summer White is a Belgian-style beer with a clear pale straw color. It’s got a quickly disappearing, bubbly head, that still manages to leave significant lacing.

The first impression from the nose is the expected yeastiness, then followed by a honey sweet, and an orange aroma.

Its medium body is very creamy (tempted to say “of course”), with medium carbonation. The taste in general is quite calm. Don’t expect and wild, sudden blasts. The tastescape is build around the yeast and the orange peel. The bitterness is provided by the ginger, although it’s quite light (but dry).

It’s got a honey aftertaste, but it’s not a sweet impression. Not overly sweet, at least. That applies to the beer itself too. While Echigo Summer White if definitely well balanced, any characteristic taste has fallen victim to that as well.