Once again I got home past midnight, although I did go shopping for groceries after getting off work… Tonight was pretty tough. We got a CG check scheduled for 8pm that got pushed back over 2 hours, making me quite a bit frustrated. Remember? I don’t mind staying late doing my job, but having to stick around doing nothing is a pain in the ass.

Not to mention tomorrow won’t be any better either. Or worse, even. It’ll be thick from the morning start with a production manager from a tweener company coming for negotiations. Then in the afternoon we’ve got a 4+ hours long general check scheduled… Let me guess: it’s actually gonna take over 6 hours to finish it all.

Can I please just get some free time to spend reading my new Sartre book (got Nausea) and geeking around with my droplet (VPS), all this without having to sacrifice even more of my already short sleep? I kinda miss the days when I could go to sleep at 8am and still have the time to rest well. Then I realize the price for that was being piss poor, and I don’t miss them so much anymore.