I spent Sunday afternoon planning a system. It’s a social network-kind of thing, and I was a bit caught off guard by its scale. It seemed so simple and doable at first, but the further I progressed the larger the whole started to seem.

Then again, this is no new experience. I remember days when I’d naively believe I could write a complete blog engine in a week, and then just procrastinate instead. The procrastination part was the result of feeling lost due to the utter lack of planning, meaning I had to improvise fundamental structures that should’ve been laid down first when I was already in the higher spheres.

With the project I was working on it’s more about the sheer scale of it all, and that I don’t really know how to write it all down in a form that can show all the connections between various objects, how said objects relate to data and how the front-end is generated from them.

To put it short: it’s fun. But it’s not easy.