I think it was about five years since I’d last visited TUFS – until today, that is. I have vague memories of visiting the campus once years ago, but I didn’t get to meet up with anyone at that time. A few months ago then came the usual email from the JLC newsletter telling me about the annual alumni meeting.

Because of the location of my university and the lack of finances to fund a trip to Tokyo, I didn’t go to any of the gatherings before. Now that I live in Tokyo however, I had no reason not to.

Apparently the others from my year didn’t think so. There were only two of us. I don’t closely follow people’s lives (especially if I haven’t talked a word with said people in years), so I don’t know who of us went on to study in other countries or returned home. I still expected a few more familiar faces…

It was still a nice occasion to talk with the few people I know, and I was a bit touched that my JLC math teacher still remembered me. I also had a good chat with the ministry people, which made me realize that going back for masters or another degree is always an option (and definitely an option someone not exactly happy about working stupidly long hours every day tends to consider).

Not to mention free food is always appreciated.

I also picked up a Sankichi bento at the Tama station. Even back in the JLC year I used to cook for myself, so I didn’t frequent the (very foreigner-friendly) boxed-lunch shop as much as many of my fellow students did, but it was still something I just had to do now that I had a chance.