A week or so ago I went to Popeye with a friend, had a bunch of beers, but nowhere close to getting drunk. That wasn’t the point either, just an interesting flavor to the night.

Yesterday I got a text from another friend, that resulted in going to a yakiniku place in Shinjuku, and then spending a little more time on Memory Lane. Of course these places only have your standard Asahi Super Dry on tap – although I have doubts about how much certain shops tamper around with the beer.

This only occurred to me, because last night I had a bunch of beers (6-7 over the course of 4-5 hours), again not even aiming to get drunk (and I didn’t). Thing is, in the morning I was outright hungover, my head hurt all day today, with an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach as well.

Can we just have decent beer everywhere?