Sadly, I’m getting used to this sick style of life, that I work from 10am to midnight every weekday, get close to no sleep on Thursday nights thanks to Shirobako, then on the weekend maybe get half of the stuff I should do done. At least I think my body got used to tighter sleep schedules, since I’m no longer so irritable late night as I used to be.

Not sure if that’s a good thing though. I’d so much rather have a few hours of actually usable free time every day, but alas. At least work’s getting busy, so I’m not sitting idly all day just to get fucktons of work dumped on me at 10pm. I also actively adjust my workflow so that I can minimize idling and maximize my free time. Not that it’s easy.

Switching jobs wouldn’t be so easy either, considering I’d probably need to do all the running after my visa, which is not fun. I guess it just takes building up some momentum to actually set things in motion. Since I don’t have that just yet, for now I’m going with the flow – even if that means an unhealthy sleep schedule and no free time. At least I’ll get my name on the credits of a major anime release. Worth it?