On Wednesday, during my lunch break, I wanted to sort out something about my credit card on the phone, but then the dear device decided to freeze rock solid in the middle of the call, terminating it. At this point I somehow managed to contain my rage, took out the battery and tried to power it up again.

Without any success. It sat in front of me for minutes and not even the Sony logo would show up. Now that made something snap in me, and then the wall made the screen of the phone snap too. I used it for a year, when I had it replaced for similar reasons. I again got the same Xperia VL, because it’s still the best phone on the lineup for me (and the smallest).

I just finished setting up the essentials (Google, Line, Twitter, Dropbox), and now let’s how it will work all right at least until next spring, when some discounts on my contract expire, so I’m thinking of switching phones at that point. Although if I can’t find anything under 4.5″, I’ll just stick with this one.