I’ve kinda reached a state of zen regarding KanColle. A troubled zen, I must admit, but still. It can’t upset me anymore with a few lucky crits and not being able to land the final hit on a boss is just a minor frustration. But the bullshit it just pulled on me was something I’ve never seen before.

Day Night

I was doing my fourth kill on the E3 boss, and things were getting weird along the way. Even at the second node, the flagship BB survived, and I could barely sink two at the preboss. Meanwhile the Wo managed to crit 3 of my ships to chuuha

Then the fun started and everything missed. It reminded me of sortieing without ammo, because there was literally no damage output. Even at night, the fleet that normally produces 5 cutins and an amazing double attack sank nothing, resulting in a quite humiliating D loss.

I was actually wondering if I forgot to refill the fleets before the sortie, but no. They weren’t even exhausted (despite everything). My only idea is that the computer decided that I won the first three kills too easily (hell, after the first I only needed to repair two of the DDs, although I also had two aborts), so it decided I had to pay a fee of 10 buckets to get the next.

Well, shit.