While the event managed to provoke me, I still managed to put an end to it in four days. That’s way less than what it took to finish the spring or even the summer event, and fall was much lighter on the resources too.

KanColle 2014 fall event cleared

It didn’t have a noticeable impact on my fuel and steel stock (despite plenty of repairs), it was easy on baux as the emphasis wasn’t on carriers this time, and it didn’t take more than 15k in ammo either. It did burn away about 200 buckets, but this time I was prepared and started the event with 750, so no problems there either.

The last map was quite amusing. Every now and then I’d have to abort on the way because a flagship Ru or the Hime would crit someone to red, but it wasn’t too bad. The boss node proved to be problematic, since I wasn’t focusing on getting air support (hell, with two Wo Kai and the boss Oni, that would’ve taken way too many carriers), the ships were really heavy and they hit hard. On more than one occasion I could barely land scratch damage, and sometimes not even that.

In contrast, the final form was a laugh. The two Hime just melted in front of my BBs and their damage was nothing compared to the previous formations. While at first the Oni survived with 20HP, the second try she wasn’t so lucky, and Kiso crit her to hell.

The finishing hit

Better even, the final clear, which as the image above illustrates was an S victory, dropped Tanikaze, one of the event-only rare DDs. She’s evaded me for the past 3 events, and honestly I’ve kinda given up on ever actually finding her or any of the others. It was a really nice way to finish the event.