I spent the last week trying to eat in a way to help my insides recover. You don’t know just how unfunny it is to have diarrhea when some green liquid explodes out of you every 3-4 hours. Luckily it’s better now, and especially when I’m sitting on my chair all day doing nothing but playing League or KanColle it stabilizes even more.

Which reminds me, I spent most of the weekend playing League – again. People who follow me on twitter might’ve noticed that I raged a lot about my ping, which, while stays steady around 150ms (a ping I’m used to) during the morning and late night, from 4pm to midnight it keeps spiking to 600, averaging around 400. This makes playing ADC close to impossible, and I was the most surprised myself that I managed to get 15 kills as Elise on my first game with her in years (it was a loss still, but never mind that).

I ran a traceroute to a Riot game server, and my first hop averaged above 100ms, so I can securely say that J:COM is the worst possible trash ISP available in the area.

Of course playing normals with total beginner friends is okay, since except for the occasional plat smurf it actually feels like most people are playing with 600 lag anyway. And naturally I get invited to such a game past 3am when I’ve got work from 10am.