Everyone, even Garfield hates Mondays, and I’m no exception from that. The way it violates the (hopefully) progress of a weekend and plunges you back back into the dull, mechanical days of work.

Now I’ve got one more reason to hate Mondays. Yesterday, while on an errand in vain (the stuff I was supposed to pick up hadn’t arrived yet), a dutiful cop spotted me checking my phone while stopped in a traffic jam, and I guess you can figure out the rest. It’s “reassuring” to know that policemen are the enemy of people everywhere.

On the other hand, today was pretty nice. While on the rerun of aforementioned errand, I sent in a request to a local radio and they actually played the song I asked for. That felt really nice, and the fact that for the first time in a month I was home from work before midnight felt even nicer.