This Sunday I went to the last day of the 2015 summer Comiket. It was as usual: hot, crowded, awesome. Last winter I realized that I could actually afford to buy stuff, and at this point that I don’t have to worry about buying another dojin music album ruining my food budget, I went wild.

I had some vague targets: firstly, roam around the comics section and pick up this and that, whatever catches my attention. I was a bit surprised about how little KanColle there was at all, since last year there were plenty even when it was off-day for the franchise. I guess they took the topic-locking more seriously this time, and most of the KC stuff was on Friday (when I was at the studio working, instead of sweating my ass off in Big Sight). Either way, I got my hands on a few nice releases (cf twitter), none of which are on sadpanda as of now.

Secondly, get moro‘s new album and also whatever good GUMI I can find. Mission accomplished: I ended up with 11 (+1 bonus) discs of new music.

I also had some time to walk around the cosplay area and took some pictures too. Managed meet up with Quattro too, who I haven’t seen in ages.

Spent tons of jewgold, but I have no regrets.