I wasn’t in a good shape recently. Always sleepy, always exhausted, never in the mood to do anything, easily frustrated. Then I had enough.

I’ve been putting off cleaning my room for months, so you can guess what a spectacular mess I had to face tonight at 2am when I decided to follow Barney Stinson’s everlasting advice, and stop letting life get the better of me, and be awesome instead – starting with cleaning my room. Yes, at 2am.

I looked at the frightening amount of stuff, ranging from Amazon boxes to spam flyers, took a deep breath and some time later I ended up with a huge pile of neatly packed trash instead, that’s gonna have to wait until next week (when the next trash day comes). Obviously I wouldn’t start vacuuming my room in the middle of the night, so that’s gonna have to wait until the weekend.

Some weekend.