This one was recommended to me, so I gave it a try. Luckily a nearby liquor store has a good stock of various American craft beers, so I can go around challenging this and that.

Ruedrich Red Seal ale

It’s dark amber colored with a centimeter-tall solid offwhite head. Expect lots of lacing.

The hoppy ale side is characteristic to the nose with a hint of grain.

The body’s relatively light, definitely not sticky, with quite crisp carbonation. The raw bitterness itself is quite strong, but the fruity aromas of the hops are subdued by the grain of the malts.

In the aftertaste there’s some really interesting hop note I can’t really identify. I’d say it reminds me of red currant.

Overall, it’s a good drink, but not exactly that refreshing last pint to finish the day on a high note. Also, I expected a bit more of the roasted, caramel kind of tastes, so this grainy solution was a pleasant surprise.