I’m not a whisky person. Generally they’re too strong to sip and taste, but who even drinks whisky in shots? Adding water or making it into a highball feels wrong – as if I turned it into something else. So if I drink whisky, it’s on the rocks.

Last night I visited the jazz bar Blue Note with a friend. Brenna Whitaker was on stage, and whisky was in our hands. I picked a Lagavulin 16 year old because the name had that nice single malt scotch sound to it.

Lagavulin 16 @ Tokyo Blue Note

I was a bit scared when I first sniffed into the glass. It had such a sharp smell that at first reminded me of raw paint – then I was led to realize how that’s just another take on the smokiness of coffee or stouts.

The taste was really smooth on the other hand. This might’ve been the first time I genuinely enjoyed a whisky in many years. Especially when I gave the Yamazaki 12 on the menu a chance… The Lagavulin felt so much more refined, sophisticated compared to the loud taste of the Yamazaki.

I must say I approve!