I stumbled upon an article on Guardian about Yanagiya, a restaurant in Gifu that apparently might just be the best restaurant on the planet. Of course I’d love to go, but I fear that even calling on the combined web of all my social networks, I might still not get an invitation. But it’s definitely worth giving a try, seeing all these accolades. I’ll still have to find someone to go with, but I doubt that’d be an issue.

And why is that torture? Because I’ve had the worst lunch today in… a very long time. My coworkers were singing tales about the cafeteria of the nearby Senshu university, so we went to give it a try. It was simply horrible. I had no idea miso soup could taste bad, but now I know. It feels like my stomach is giving extra care to that trash because 10 hours later I still don’t feel like eating anything.

It’s really sad because my experience with university cafeterias so far was mostly positive. While I had quite a natto trauma at TUFS, the food in general was definitely good. And the cafeteria at Shiga U had me eat there regularly, something I don’t usually do. I definitely won’t go to Senshu’s cafeteria ever again.