I like travelling. Who doesn’t, really? Also, I like taking pretty pictures. However, armed only with my phone, the possibilities are limited. Taking a scenery photo during the day will turn out nice, but trying to capture a giant red moon rising at night would be a futile attempt.

So I figured I’d pick up some cheap semi-decent camera so I could do more interesting stuff. I figured a DSLR would be a silly overkill for using it two or three times a year when travelling, but I don’t trust the compact tourist cameras. Used a few before and it’s no better than what’s built into my relatively recent phone.

Looking for options I was recommended micro 4/3s and I luckily found one used with objectives for a price that wasn’t that far out of my initial budget. More on that once it arrives and I could give it a try.

It was supposed to be here in Thursday, but there was a bit of a logistics hiccup and it’s only arriving tomorrow. Namely, I accidentally ordered it to the address where I lived during university.

Turns out I haven’t used Rakuten since then (and that’s where I got the camera used) and it still had that old address registered. I only noticed because it’s really not like JP Post to be late with a delivery, so I grew suspicious and checked my confirmation email.

Luckily, the post office customer service were really helpful (even though it’s Saturday) and they arranged a redirect of the package to my current address in a few minutes.

It was pretty amusing though – not only had the poor operator struggle with my name (which was addressed only in alphabet not in kana), my new address is quite challenging for people not from Tokyo too. Luckily she could look it up from the post number, so I didn’t have to explain the kanji.