After last year, I once again decided to take part in the Hacktoberfest fun. I have plenty of repositories lying around (sadly much less well maintained by yours truly than preferable). Of course this also means that I can gather the necessary contributions from updating dependencies in my own repositories, but I’d prefer to instead contribute to those dependencies.

In the end I did gather some contributions from my own repos, but I spent much more time diving in the issues (and code) of reitit (a ridiculously fast Clojure routing library) and aleph (a Netty-based likewise Clojure server). I also tried to contribute to clj-newrelic, a library we use at work.

While Metosin stuff are actively maintained (and contributions warmly welcomed), the others are much less so, sadly. I’m seriously considering forking aleph or writing my own Netty-based http server to use instead of it. I wonder if by next year’s Hacktoberfest I’ll have anything popular enough to get any contributions… (honestly, I doubt it)

In the meanwhile, I proudly wear the Hacktoberfest shirt to work.